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Environmental Professionals

Stan Adamitis

CAD Designer

Stan is experienced in Computer Drafting and Design, and is skilled in Autodesk AutoCAD-related software including Microstation and ESRI ArcMap applications. He has experience with preparing survey plans, mapping and developing AutoCAD drawing standards for the production of As-Built drawings. He is highly familiar with shape files and geodatabases and has experience with editing label equations and symbology.

Charley Adams

Senior Project Manager

Charley is a professional geologist and environmental consultant with over 25 years of experience in environmental program management, engineering geology, and mining. He has managed large scale, diverse programs for assessment and remediation of environmental and geologic hazards, conducted multi-site transactional evaluations, and performed design and implementation of hazardous materials remediation projects for a wide range of contaminants in soil and groundwater using mechanical and biological methodologies.

Brandee Anderson


Brandee is a botanist with five seasons of professional experience in conservation and land management primarily working for the Bureau of Land Management in western Colorado. She has a wide range of plant experience including: invasive plant removal, native seed collection and restoration, and rare plant management. She has broad experience at conducting vegetation and habitat inventories, assessments, and monitoring, as well as specialized experience conducting clearance and inventory surveys to facilitate National Environmental Policy Act analysis for Endangered Species Act (ESA) protected plants and wildlife in Colorado.

Laurel Arndt, MUEP

Environmental Planner

Laurel is an environmental and urban planner with 20 years of professional experience in transportation, conservation and community planning. Her multidisciplinary expertise includes NEPA documentation, public involvement, agency coordination and consultation, and regulatory compliance work. She has completed numerous categorical exclusions and contributed to a variety of Environmental Assessments. She has led interdisciplinary teams on a variety of private and public community planning projects with local, state and federal agencies.

Landon Baker

Construction Compliance Specialist

Landon is an Environmental Scientist with over ten years of experience. He specializes in construction and regulatory compliance, wetland delineation, habitat assessments, Threatened and Endangered Species evaluations, biological field surveys, and state and federal water policy. Landon has worked on permitting, planning, and post-construction restoration for projects that involved over 2,000 miles of linear pipeline.

Laurid Broughton

Compliance Specialist

Laurid is a Compliance Specialist with six years of experience in cultural resource management and 11 years serving the energy industry, managing construction compliance teams, coordinating environmental surveys and permitting for multiple Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and USACE-regulated pipeline projects. She has led the technical review and submittal of Phase 1-3 cultural resource reports, FERC resource reports, construction variances, FERC Notice to Proceed filings, and weekly construction reporting for FERC-regulated natural gas projects in multiple states.

Garrett Butler

Environmental Scientist

Garrett is an economist and environmental scientist with experience conducting economic and statistical analyses. His experiences include a blend of economic analysis, environmental resource stewardship, and environmental policy. He also has experience with green building design, regression analysis, economic modeling, wetland reclamation, and environmental education.

Thomas Carr, RPA


Tom has worked as a professional archaeologist, historic preservation specialist, and photographer in the Rocky Mountain region for over 20 years. He is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA), a member of the Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists (CCPA), and is permitted by the Colorado Office of the State Archaeologist. He has worked in both the private sector and government, and understands how to balance the various needs of clients to make projects successful.  

Jillian Cipriani

Environmental Scientist

Jillian is a project manager that leads projects involving biological resources and documentation preparation under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). Jillian has conducted technical evaluations for a variety of NEPA-related resources including hazardous materials, federally listed species, and wetlands.

Scott Fanello, PE

Environmental Engineer

Scott is an environmental engineer with specialized experience in the operation and maintenance of remediation systems, preliminary designs and feasibility studies on water treatment systems, hydrologic modeling, analysis and water contamination evaluation, as well as remediation.

Sean Fallon

Architectural Historian

Sean is a historian with four years of experience. He has helped prepare the documentation of historic properties for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). More recently, he worked with United States Department of Interior in Rocky Mountain National Park on numerous projects ranging from development digital interpretation and research tools, providing consultation for native vegetation restoration projects, and preparing NRHP documentation for historic structures in the park.

Deborah Fernandez

Environmental Scientist

Deborah has extensive experience testing air quality for asbestos, lead, silicon, and microbial contaminants. She has overseen large and small remediation projects. She is a Colorado Certified Asbestos Building Inspector (CABI) and Air Monitoring Specialist (AMS).

Mark Fletcher


Mark is a biologist with a background in environmental science. He is a skilled field technician with over five years’ experience in wildlife management, including population monitoring and assessment as well as habitat conservation and restoration. As the land manager on a conservation easement, Mark worked closely with agencies such as Trout Unlimited and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Sierra Flori

Environmental Engineer

Sierra is an environmental engineer with experience in site characterization, water sampling and analysis, and technical research and writing. She also has a background in design, including air pollution control devices, water treatment systems, and remediation systems. Most recently, Sierra graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder where she completed a pilot study remediation design for a local business, a field study of municipal stormwater drainage effects on water quality, and the design and cost estimate of a potable water treatment plant.

Jake Fritz

Environmental Scientist

Jake is an environmental scientist trained as a field technician in hazardous material projects and Geographical Information Systems. Jake is also experienced with soil sampling and screening, groundwater monitoring and reporting, surface water sampling, and is proficient in ArcMap10.2, ArcPad, and Surfer 12 software, as well as the use of Trimble GeoXH 6000.

Christopher Funk

Environmental Scientist

Christopher is a Geologist/Environmental Scientist and primarily conducts Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). He has also worked on projects involving site characterization and remediation, carbonate geology assessments, subsidence assessments, hydrogeological studies, and wetland presence/absence surveys.

Arianne Godwin, PE

Environmental Engineer

Arianne is an environmental engineer with experience in groundwater monitoring and permit compliance at hazardous waste sites throughout the U.S. She has also managed solid waste disposal facilities, completed Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, as well as related field activities.

Poppie Gullett

Architectural Historian

Poppie Gullett is an architectural historian with four years of experience in determining the eligibility and integrity of historic structures. She has experience working with local communities and stakeholders to navigate the Section 106 process, and has worked with a variety of clients, including the National Park Service, the City of Fort Collins, and Colorado State University. Her expertise is in twentieth-century historic structures as well as cultural landscapes.

Rachel Hernandez

Environmental Scientist

Rachel recently graduated from the School of Mines with a BS in Chemistry. She has experience in laboratory testing, obtaining and analyzing samples, technical research, and data composition and analysis. For the last five years, Rachel was employed with Pinyon as an intern where she provided support on projects for a variety of technical service areas.

Inge Hill

Environmental Engineer

Inge has ten years of project management experience handling complex construction projects across preconstruction/feasibility, implementation, and post-construction performance evaluation phases. In this capacity, he has extensive experience in regulation and code compliance, schedule and budget maintenance, conflict resolution, risk management, and quality control. He also has great familiarity with the implementation and monitoring of internal education and safety protocols as well as general OSHA compliance.

Kristen Hill

Industrial Hygienist

Kristen is an environmental industry professional with over five years of experience. She specializes in providing environmental services for remediation, sampling, inspections, plan writing, gap analyses, PRP research, and emergency response for clients. Kristen's areas of expertise include providing emergency response plans, PRPs, environmental sampling, quality data, project oversight, and on site experience with state and federal agencies.

Dan Hosler


Dan joined the Pinyon Due Diligence team and will be conducting Phase I and Phase II assessments. Prior to Pinyon, Dan worked in the oil and gas industry, performing assessments, remediation, and other tasks related to regulatory compliance.

Elly Miller

Biologist/Environmental Scientist

Elly has experience in wetland delineations, biological resource evaluations, stormwater management, regulatory compliance, environmental audits, Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures plans, groundwater monitoring, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act corrective actions. She is also a key member of Pinyon’s QA/QC team.

Korby Mintken

Environmental Scientist

Korby is an environmental scientist and biologist with experience in noxious weed and special status vegetation surveys, wetland delineations, raptor trapping and nesting surveying, Bald and Golden Eagle surveys, elk population counts using IR camera traps, and water and sediment sampling. His projects have been conducted for large transportation projects, water plants, steel mills, and facilities.

Prince Oliver

Environmental Scientist

Prince Oliver is an Environmental Scientist with a strong background in soil science. He has worked in the private, state, and federal market sectors. Prince is experienced in soil and groundwater sampling and monitoring, construction materials testing, and construction oversite.

Chris Rolison, PE

Environmental Engineer

Chris has civil and environmental engineering experience providing permitting, planning, design, construction monitoring, and remediation services. He prepares stormwater management plans (SWMPs), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, conducts waste water permitting and compliance, and radon mitigation design.

Pamela Roszell

Environmental Scientist

Pamela is an Environmental Scientist with over 14 years of experience in environmental planning and compliance. Her multidisciplinary expertise includes NEPA documentation, public involvement, agency coordination and consultation, and regulatory compliance work.

Matt Santo


Matt is experienced in biological and vegetative surveys, wildlife species assessments, wetland delineations, GIS and GPS mapping and NEPA documentation. He has conducted numerous biological assessments for threatened and endangered species, sensitive species, vegetation, weed, and wetlands throughout the western states.

Chuck Schrader,

Biologist/Landscape Architect

Chuck has 30 years of professional experience in environmental planning and design. His focus is on environmental assessment; resource protection and restoration; and ecological planning, design, and construction. Chuck’s consulting experience includes work on larger, more complex design-build projects for CDOT as well as numerous smaller environmentally sensitive projects with local municipalities.

Joseph Sposato

Project Engineer

Joseph is a civil and environmental engineer with ten years of professional experience in all phases of environmental cleanup. He has experience working with the US Department of Transportation’s many modal agencies, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Defense. He has managed long-term remediation efforts at Superfund sites, as well as smaller scale soil excavation and demolition projects across the country.

Chase Taylor


Chase provides expertise in environmental planning, conducting biological and ecological surveys, Endangered Species Act studies, and natural resource compliance. Chase specializes in ecological and biological resources, with an emphasis in threatened and endangered species, invasive species, migratory birds, large mammals, and habitat restoration.

Rachel Tometich

Environmental Scientist

Rachel conducts environmental assessments and remediation associated with hazardous materials. Her experience includes drilling oversight, groundwater sampling, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), XRF sampling. She also develops Health and Safety Plans (HASPs).

Kathryn Turner

Environmental Scientist

Kate assists with the preparation of documents in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act for local, state, and federal clients. She has prepared documents for Categorical Exclusions (CatExs) and Environmental Assessments (EAs).

Corinne Wardell

Environmental Engineer

Corinne is focused on project management, engineering design of remediation systems, and petroleum and chlorinated solvent site remediation. She has contributed on a variety of technical projects including engineering evaluation work plans, cost estimates, and site investigations.

Pamela Wegener


Pamela has over three years of professional experience in surface and groundwater monitoring, geomorphic surveys, GIS, laboratory analyses, and database management. In addition to a Master's degree in Watershed Science, Pamela has a geology background which includes geologic mapping and organic geochemistry laboratory work.

Mary Weiss

Environmental Engineer

Mary Weiss is an environmental engineer with experience in laboratory testing, sample acquisition and analysis, site characterization, and technical research. While a student at the School of Mines, Mary performed water, sediment, and air quality analysis, served as the lead environmental technician for her Capstone project regarding the remediation of Lower North Empire Creek, and aided in the research and experimentation phases of a graduate thesis project concerning internal erosion in earthen dams and levees.

Sabrina Williams

Air Quality/Noise Specialist

Sabrina has extensive experience performing technical studies related to air quality and has been formally trained in noise modeling. She assists in the preparation and review of NEPA documents.

Tom Wilson

Architectural Historian

Tom is a skilled historic preservation professional with over seven years of experience developing practical and effective solutions to the contemporary challenges of cultural resource management. Having worked for both the federal government and private consulting firms, Tom has gained unique insight into the practices and processes of Section 106 and 4(f) consultations, stakeholder engagement, and mitigation planning.

Lisa Wurster, PE

Environmental Engineer

Lisa Wurster is a Professional Engineer with 7 years of experience in civil, geological and environmental engineering. She has experience with the design of private and small municipal water collection and treatment systems, small onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems, land use planning, roadway design, and storm drainage design. She has completed Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments, zone changes, request for annexations, boundary line adjustments and evaluated land for development potential. She has written multiple grants and loans for small communities for water and sewer system improvements.