Industrial Hygiene

Asbestos Inspection Services
Pinyon's engineering professionals offer comprehensive, turn-key asbestos management services to avoid contamination of buildings and soil:

• Asbestos assessment surveys
• Development and implementation of asbestos management plans
• Development of operations and maintenance plans
• Asbestos abatement plans, specifications, project designs, and cost projections
• Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings for asbestos assessment surveys

Lead Paint Inspection Services
Pinyon provides comprehensive lead-based paint inspection and testing services for lead screening programs in soil, paint, and water:

• Lead abatement project design and supervision
• Lead removal task analysis and air monitoring for OSHA compliance
• Lead-in-air sampling and analysis
• Clearance wipe sampling and analysis
• Lead-in-water surveillance program
• Lead identification for hazardous waste stream management

Abatement Monitoring

We help our clients avoid costly mistakes in the development process by providing mission-critical services in the areas of:

• Background air sampling prior to abatement
• Pre-abatement visual inspections of containments
• Ambient air sampling during abatement
• Final visual inspections of containments
• Final air clearance sampling

Tricia McCready - Technical Group Manager

Industrial Hygiene Services
We offer comprehensive industrial hygiene services for the protection of employees, visitors and tenant health:

• Air contaminant monitoring
• Site-specific health and safety plans and compliance
• Ventilation system design review
• Radiation safety and health physics
• Noise/hearing conservation management
• Indoor air quality management
• Water sampling
• Workplace hazard assessment
• Worker and management training

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