Featured Projects

General Services Administration Region 8 Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene

  • Asbestos surveys and lead-based paint sampling
  • Drinking water sampling
  • Mold investigations and indoor air quality management
  • Day-care centers, office buildings, warehouses, industrial spaces
  • Security-controlled access facilities

Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans
  • Chemical identification and tagging
  • Remediation construction oversite

Industrial Manufacturing Facility Remediation

  • A Pinyon client since 1995
  • RCRA Permits
  • Soil contaminant investigations
  • Addressed 20 solid waste management units
  • Groundwater studies and monitoring
  • Remediation
  • Waste and hazardous materials inventories
  • Contaminants like metals, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, and volatile organic compounds

Multi- State Environmental Audits and Compliance

  • Audited over 35 industrial sites for hazardous and non-hazardous waste management
  • Compliance assistance in support of air and stormwater permitting
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC)
  • Air management pollution prevention
  • Emergency response
  • Waste management and minimization
  • RCRA Contingency plans
  • Good housekeeping and pollution prevention practices

Colorado Department of Transportation

  • FASTER Bridges Program
  • Threatened and endangered species
  • Archaeologic and historic resources
  • Vegetation and noxious weeds
  • Wetlands and waters of the US including mitigation planning
  • Agency coordination
  • Hazardous materials assessments
  • Categorical exclusions

RTD Northwest Rail and Commuter Rail Maintenance Facility

  • NEPA environmental documentation for new rail line and commuter rail maintenance
  • Social impacts and community facilities
  • Hazardous materials
  • Water resources and water quality
  • Drainage and hydrology
  • Wetlands support

Environmental Services for City and County of Denver

  • A Pinyon client since 1994
  • Completed more than 300 tasks at more than 60 sites
  • Phase I environmental site assessments
  • Phase II investigations
  • Remediation
  • Asbestos surveys
  • NEPA documentation
  • Biological Resources
  • Construction oversight

Boulder County Industrial Hygiene

  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Evaluation of air handling systems
  • Evaluation of biological contamination
  • Air quality surveys
  • Measured and monitored carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide
  • Measured respirable dust levels
  • Identification of hazardous chemicals/fungal spore air samples

Soil and Groundwater Remediation for Redevelopment

  • Worked with municipal development authority on redevelopment project
  • Chlorinated solvents in groundwater was identified
  • Long-term groundwater monitoring
  • Liaison with the health department on closure options for the site

The Missouri River Recovery Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

  • Supporting USACE Kansas City and Omaha Districts
  • Develop a management plan for endangered species and habitat
  • EIS focused on creating and supporting habitat (minimizing impacts to human considerations)
  • Supporting the human considerations (HCs) and economic analyses

Flood Recovery Support Services

  • Response to the 2013 Colorado flooding
  • Environmental documentation and NEPA processes
  • Permitting two dozen infrastructure projects
  • Emergency repairs and replacement of transportation corridors
  • Multi-county responses for river habitat, wildlife impacts, and river corridor
  • Worked directly with local/federal jurisdictional agencies

Twin Tunnels Environmental Assessment I-70 Colorado


  • Evaluated regulated materials and solid waste
  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis
  • Documenting mitigation measures
  • Superfund site (a legacy of mining contamination)
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